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Our story


Our story starts with the purchase of a 1987 535I Bronzit BMW almost 9 years ago. During those years we have had more lows than highs, the lowest being the head gasket giving up within the first three months of ownership. During this repair it felt like I opened a can of worms as I found more problems with the car, causing it to be left on the driveway waiting.

The goal

Time to get her back on the road

Time has arrived to get this girl back on the road, the goal is to restore her to OEM+ with a twist. My goal is to daily drive my E28 and log as many miles as I can in style. Come with me on this journey as I log everything done to the car through this blog, with instructional write up’s. I hope other E28 owners find useful information through these posts to restore their own cars.

Social Media

Check out my social media for more pictures and updates on the project.

mark Perez

1987 535I Bronzit