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6L Bellino gas can

That fits within your spare tire in the trunk.

Learning context

The Bellino gas can is a requirement in Europe especially on the Autobahn, where stopping is prohibited and a citation can be issued 35€. To prevent people from stopping because they ran out of fuel, car manufacturers started to equip their vehicles with emergency 6L-8L Bellino gas cans to reduce the number of people stopping on the autobahn because they ran out of fuel.

Why get a Bellino can??

You do not have to get one, but they add some style to your BMW. I purchased my 9L Bellino seven years ago on eBay and it looks amazing in the spare tire. I haven’t had a need to use it, but in preparation for road trip season, I decided to actually use the Bellino can and see how well it works.


  1. Place your Bellino can on a flat surface
BMW spare tire space 9L Bellino gas can.

2. Select your fuel and fill up, you will need to hold the nozzle back to allow fuel to flow.

3. Secure the Bellino can in your car( if you are aiding another driver that ran out of gas). Never place the Bellino can in the vehicle’s cabin with filled, my trunk was full so I secured it to the back seat.

Secure the Bellino can in the vehicle when transporting

4. Once you are ready to use open the Bellino can and install the funnel kneck.

5. Add fuel to the car, and keep a rag handy if you spill fuel on your vehicle.

6. Once you are done, place the Bellino can back in your spare tire and “keep on keepin’ on”.

E28 bellino can in the spare wheel


The Bellino can is more of a want than a need, but it is definitely useful when it comes to road trips or long-distance driving. Like the saying goes “Hope for the best and prepare for the worst”, having a Bellino can in your car is one less thing to worry about when you are on the road. Also, the Bellino can fit in 16″ wheels and over, I have a 15″ spare and the can did not fit. I used one of my style 5 to take the picture.

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