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Sloppy accelerator pedal?

Fix it with garagistics speed shop poly bushing kit!

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The accelerator pedal has two bushing on either side, when these bushing wear out you get a delayed or sloppy pedal feel. My bushings were nonexsisting in my E28, and decided to go with garagistics Poly bushing kit.


  1. Remove driver side kick panel
  2. Remove accelerator pedal mechanism
  3. Install Garagistics Poly bushing
  4. Re-install the pedal mechanism
  5. Tools/ Parts required
    • 17mm wrench
    • 8mm Allen key
    • Kneedlenose pliers
    • 90° pick
    • Garagistics poly bushing kit


  1. Remove the knee kick panel, and locate the accelerator pedal mechanism.

2. Use a angle pick to remove the accelerator pedal pivot retaining clip.

3. Use a pair of Needle nose pliers and remove the tension spring, and the accelerator cable from the mehcanism.

4. The mechanism should come out, and give you access to the bushing mounting point.

E28 accelerator pedal  mechanism

5. The bushing goes from the inside of the bracket out.

6. Apply grease on to the bushing to make it easier to instal bushing.

Use the grease included in the kit to install bushing

7. Prepare the instllation tool with the bushing, and place it on the bushing housing

8. Using the 17mm wrench and 8mm allen key press the bushing in.

Poly bushing installed

9. Do the same to the other side.

Opposite side bushing pressed in.

10. Re-install the accelerator pedal mechanism. Re-attach the accelerator cable and the retention spring.

Mechanism back on with new bushings

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