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Wheel Stud installation

Installing Motorsport hardware wheel studs

Learning context

All 80’s BMW came with wheel bolts, at somepoint we have all dealt with these bolts. E28’s wheel bolt/ stud thread pattern is 12×1.5 and stock the lenght of the wheel bolts are 35-39MM. That is enough to ensure that the wheel bolt to thread in the hub 10 full turns. Some argue that wheel bolts are safer than wheel studs, and others argue that wheel studs are better than bolts. Regardless of which side you decide is better, I prefer studs over wheel bolts. It makes installing your wheels easier, and you can give your car some style with the veriaty of lug nuts you can choose from.

Bolts VS Studs

Stock wheel bolt for E28

If you decide to stick with wheel bolts, I recomend that you get yourself a pair of wheel hangers. These bad boys will make mounting your wheels allot easier, you wont find yourself balancing the wheel on your knee while you franticly attempt to thread in the wheel bolt. Remember to tourque your wheel botls to 81 ft-lb as per the bentley manual

Wheel hangers if you are using wheel bolts

If you are going with wheel studs, I recomend using Motorsport Hardware studs with the bullet nose. I am installing a set of studs with Mishimoto extended lug nuts.

Motorsport wheel studs with Mishimoto lug nuts


  1. Jack up car
  2. Install wheel studs
    • Wheel stud torque- 25 ft/lb
  3. Install wheel back on
    • Lug nut torque- 90 ft/lb
  4. Tools required
    • Jack
    • jack stand
    • Angry ass jack pads
    • 17MM socket
    • 5MM allen key
    • Thread lock


  1. Safely jack up your car, I recommend using Angry ass jack pads. If you want to learn more about them check this post where I talk about them.

2. I have wheel studs already installed on my E28, but they where the worng size and had to cut the nose off. To remove them I had to use a pair of pressure pliers.

Cut wheel studs need to be removed with pressure pliers

3. Once you remove all five studs, clean the threads and apply red threadlock on the wheel studs. I did not have red threadlock and used blue. I will be removing these studs in the future when I change the wheel bearings an will use red threadlock then.

Blue locktite on the wheel studs

4. Torque the wheel studs to 25 ft/lb, be careful not to torque the allen wrench. On the last one I broke it and had to remove the broken piece out.

Borken allen key

5. Once all studs are on re install your wheel. Tourque your wheel nutlugs to 91 ft/lb.


When installing any wheel hardwear always refer to your owners manual or Bently manual to confirm the tourque specs recomended.

I am not sure if I will be keeping the Mishimoto lug nuts as I want to keep the style 5 luf nut cover.

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