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How to safely jack up your E28

Using Angry Ass jack and jack stand pad

There are different ways of jacking up your E28, some roll the car on ramps and jack up the vehicle from the subframe. Others jack the car from the wishbones that run from the front to the back of the vehicle, but with Angry Ass jack pads, you can jack up and secure your car from the OEM jacking points. I chose to use Angry-ass jack pads because my E28 is lowered with the Vestatec front spoiler that does not allow me to roll up on ramps.

Tools required

  1. Jack
  2. Jack stands
  3. Wheel chock
  4. Angry Ass jack pads


  1. Park your vehicle on a flat surface and chock the wheels. I practice chocking the rear and front wheels on the opposite side of where I begin
Chocking the rear wheel before begining to jack up my E28
Chocking the rear wheel before beginning to jack up my car.

2. Check your jack and jack stands for any damage that might cause them to fail.

3. Slide your jack underneath the car perpendicular to the car. By lining up the jack perpendicular you reduce the risk of the jack jerking while lifting the car up.

Lining the jack up properly to safely jack up your E28
Line your jack perpendicular to the car, forming a 90° angle.

4. Line the pinch weld with an Angry Ass jack pad, and begin to lift the vehicle.

Lining up Angry ass jack pad to E28 pinch weld
Lining up Angry ass jack pads to the pinch weld on the bottom of the car.

5. Once at the desired height, place your jack stands and slowly lower the vehicle onto it.

Placing the jack stand with the jack stand pad to hold your E28 up.
At desired height place your jack stands

6. Do the same to the rear of the vehicle.

Daytona Jack stand with Angry Ass jack pads
Placing a jack stand under the rear of the E28

7. Once all four corners are off the ground, rock your car side to side to confirm it is secured before getting underneath it.

Shaking the car to ensure it’s safe to get under.

8. If removing the wheels place the wheels under the car as a safety in case the jack stands fail. If not removing the wheels I place the jack underneath the subframe as a safety net.

Jack underneath the subframe as a safety in case the jack stand fails
Using the jack as a safety in case the jack stands fail.

9. While I had the car up I took advantage and installed a set of Motorsport hardware studs and Mishimoto lug nuts.

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