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No cup holders? No problem!

Cup holder Idea for E28 Owners

As we all know 1987 535 BMW did not come with cup holders, and this was because these cars were built to drive not to hold your cup of coffee. But as I am building this car for comfort on those long drives, I searched for cup holders that wouldn’t become an eye sore for the interior.

Where to buy?

I found these cup holders on Facebook in the Sharkboys group, you can purchase a set of these at Patina Handles for $50.00 a set.

Tools required

To perform the job you will need

Tools required for cup holder installation
  1. A set of 3/8 sockets and a ratchet
  2. Two medium extensions
  3. The cupholders


  1. First vacuum the floor, a clean work environment is a happy environment.
E28 interior
A clean work environment is a happy environment

2. Move your seat all the way back to give you access to the front inner seat bolt

Inner front seat bolt E28
Inner front seat bolt where cup holders bolt into

3. Get a short 17MM socket and two extensions to remove the bolt.

Tools required to install Cup holders
Tools for installation
Two extensions help allot
Two extensions or one large extension help reach the bolt

4. Slide the cup holder on to the seat rail and tighten the bolt back down.

E28 cup holder
slide cup holder bracket into the seat rail

5. Sit back and take a look at your new cup holders.

Complete installation of E28 cup hodlers
Complete installation of seat cup holders
Cup holder E28
E28 cup holder with 16oz hydro-flask
Sitting with e28 cup holder
Sitting down in the driver’s seat with no obstruction of the cup holder

Adjustable E28 seat cup holder

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