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Where to buy parts?

Working on your E28 and not sure where to buy parts for it? Don’t fear I will share with you the 13 websites I use to source parts for my E28, here is a list of small and big companies that I have used their parts in the past. Before you start looking for parts I recommend you write down the last 7 of your VIN and look it up on It is easier to search for parts when you have a part number and a way to see what fits your vehicle.

Real OEM site to look up parts
Real OEM initial page to introduce your Vin or select the model of your car

The List

  1. Angry Ass offers performance and restoration parts of great quality for 3, 5, 6, 7, and 8 series ranging from 1976 to 2006. I am using their jack stand pads which I recommend 1000%
Angry Ass performance
Shout out to Greg for the great customer service

2. AutoHausAZ provides parts for 10 different manufacturers including BMW at an affordable price. The shipping is a little high, but it is offset when you purchase a large number of parts at one time

AutohausAZ located in Arizona offers wholesale prices and many options.

3. BMA Auto Parts is located in Burbank right off the 5 FWY, and this was the first place I purchased parts from when I had my E30s. I highly recommend them, prices fluctuate but they have parts in stock. if do you not have them in stock it’s same-day or next-day availability.

BMA auto parts, highly recommend calling before going to the physical store

4. Broadway Static Coilovers I’ve used them in my E30 and plan on getting them for my E28. The reason why I choose this brand for coil overs over the others is that with Coilovers you get 5 years of limited warrant that include rebuilding the coilover as long as there is no sign of tempering.

E28 coilover premium package with swift springs to reduce binding

5. CondorSpeedShop is a small team that started building E30 and racing in the Grassroots Motorsport Challenge. Now they provide parts for over 14 BMW chassis.

CondorSpeedShop race-proven parts

6. ECS Tuning is hit-and-miss, it came through for me when I had to replace the head gasket on my E28. But I have lately seen that parts are back ordered or NLA( No longer available). Still, a recommended place to purchase parts for BMW and other Euro car brands.

ECStunning provider of parts and tools.

7. E28 Goodies is another website that I highly recommend but because it is in Europe shipping cost is high. I advise you to make it worth the shipping when you purchase items from here, I purchased a fuse box cover which was $50, and paid almost the same in shipping. Their customer service is great and I have found that messaging them on Instagram is the best way to reach them.

E28 Goodies

8. FCP Euro is a great website to search for part numbers, what I like about this website is that it provides you with OEM BMW parts and aftermarket parts of similar quality. When you are building/ restoring a car on a budget you have to pick and choose where you spend your money.

FCP Euro is a great location for parts.

9. Garagistic is located in Los Angeles and offers order pick-up, it comes in handy when you need something fast. I have purchased many parts from Garagistic, my favorite by far are the OEM rear subframe bushings that are poly filled for extra rigidity.

Garagistic a LA local

10. Ireland Engineering another company in southern California, is nestled at the foot of the mountains in Duarte this place is good to know when you need parts. You can order online and pick it up in-store and check out some of the cars parked on the lot, also their coil-over display is amazing.

Ireland Engineering is a big name for classic BMW and Vintage Woodly Park meet.

11. Turner Motorsport is a great website for parts and tools, most of the front suspension components I purchased from here. They offer free shipping if your cart is over 75 dollars, so I try always to make sure to get that free shipping. Their shipping is also fast, Turner motorsports have warehouses scattered across the US and as long as what you ordered is in stock it can arrive in 2-3 days.

Turner Motorsport is a great place for parts and tools

12. Pacific BMW is located in Glendale and is also the dealer I worked at as a parts advisor. Something I learned was that Germany still has many ONS(Old and New Stock), and dealers think it’s risky to stock ONS. But if you call BMW or visit a BMW dealer with a part number( the latest revision) ask them if any warehouse in the US or Europe has it. Sometimes you won’t get charged shipping as they might have a big order pending. The cut-off times for orders at the dealer are 9 AM for noon delivery, noon for 3 PM delivery, and 5:00 PM for the next day.

Pacific BMW in Glendale Ca

13. Race German is a company that I recently discovered, and have purchased a few tools and parts from them in the short time that I have known about it. I recommend the safety glasses they offer, super comfortable with lateral covers so you are not getting debris in while under the car.

Race german

14. Satisfied Incorporated Is a recept company I have purchased an LED exterior light upgrade from and enjoy the quality of the parts. They offer parts for six different models ranging from E12 to E30 and continue to add more parts to mod your ride.

Satisfied incorporated parts for E28

Shop at your local auto parts store

Contrary to others’ opinions I recommend you shop at your local parts stores like Advance auto parts, Autozone, O’Reillys, and Napa. Depending on what you are building your car for, if you are just daily driving it or it’s a weekend using generic parts won’t hurt the car but it will save your wallet. You also can’t go wrong with their limited warranty policy, as long as you do not tamper with it you get a free replacement. Of the stores and websites I mentioned above non of them offer that, the moment you open the wrapper on the part it’s over.


Just like Baskin Robins has 31 flavors, we have plenty of options when it comes to buying parts for our cars. Do your research and shop around, when working on a project you need to budget. Always look for sales and wait for discount events throughout the year, with all of the websites I mention I have an account with. Having an account with them helps you store your vehicle details and just makes the process of shopping around so much easier.

Good luck to all of you, I hope this post was useful to all of you. Work on your cars and let’s keep them on the road #savethesharks. Oo[][]oO

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